House clubbing

He is one of the few Slovenian DJs, who still play house music on the turntables. He believes that only a vinyl in your hand allows you to really feel the music and serve it to the audience.

His main style is vocal house. He believes the melodics to be most important in music and therefore plays very “full” house, this being anything from vocal, deep, tech, tribal, progressive to pumpin` house. He loves to play the Latin house because he likes the temperament of South Americans and sounds of classic instruments, such as the piano, guitar, trumpet or saxophone, which are so typical of the genre.

For the past few years he has been also playing a lot of pumpin’, similar to Axwell, who is his idol. He believes his performance, technique and music give the audience energy to dance all night long. The “underground” house that he plays is deep, tech and progressive house. As for the underground house the bass line is important, and it has to gradually build in intensity through the set.

He offers a wide range of carefully selected house music to fit the target audience. It is important for him to feel the response of the audience and he tries to contribute positive energy, as he dances behind the turntables and encourages the audience in different ways.